Electrical Safety

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment used in the School of Engineering must meet the legislated requirements of BC. To ensure compliance, the School of Engineering has created an Electrical Equipment Certification SOP to summarize the legal obligations and processes within the school regarding electrical equipment.

All energized equipment must meet Canadian Electrical Code requirements. Technical Safety BC publishes a list of approved electrical markings that meet the electrical code guidelines. When purchasing equipment, please ensure the device has one of the approved certification marks on it. Please click for list of approved certification marks for electrical products.

Electrical Isolation and Lock Out

Whenever a piece of equipment is not functioning properly, or maintenance is being conducted, the system must be removed from service to prevent accidental release of energy. Electrical isolation and lockout is used to ensure the system can not be turned on or have energy released causing harm. The School of Engineering has a standard operating procedure that must be followed for isolation and lock out.