In the event of a spill the first step is to ensure your safety followed by the safety of those around you.


  • For small spills, less than 1 L, it may be possible for you to clean it up with the help of others nearby. Follow HSE Chemical Spill Procedure.
    • Contact François Miros, 250.807.9515, EME4284 for assistance if needed
      • Inform your supervisor of the spill
      • Never clean up a spill by yourself, always ask for assistance
      • Ensure proper clean up material is available
      • Ensure appropriate PPE is worn
      • Contain the spill
      • Clean up the spill and decontaminate the area
      • Complete incident report through the centralized accident incident reporting system (CAIRS)


  • For large spills or for spills you are not equipped to handle or pose a safety risk, evacuate the area and call Campus Security at 250.807.8111.


Spill Disposal

Spill cleanup is considered a hazardous waste. Complete a waste disposal submission as described in Waste Disposal.

  • Indicate on waste tag ” XXX spill cleaned up with YYYY”
  • If acid or base spill, indicate pH after neutralizing
    • eg: “97.5% water, 2.5% sodium hydroxide spill. Neutralized to pH 6 with caustic spill neutralizer. Cleaned with kitty litter”
      • Remember to list largest component first, use full names of chemicals, total must equal 100%
  • Place all material including gloves into plastic bag (not a black garbage bag) and tag for disposal
  • Submit waste request through the Hazardous Waste Inventory System