Some chemicals are regulated through their purchase and use. Please refer to Health Safety and Environment for additional information.

Some examples are:

  • Pure ethanol, nitrates, peroxides, chlorates and perchlorates, as well as some nitrogen containing compounds. End use agreements and usage tracking may be required,
  • Chemicals that fall under the Chemical Weapons Convention. The use and storage of these chemicals are mandated. Click for more information,
  • Biologicals,
  • Radioactives,
  • Flammable cabinets must be ULC rated

Electrical Equipment

The Technical Support Group is happy to assist with purchasing equipment. BC laws require all electrical equipment to be CSA certified. Technical Safety BC administers these requirements. For purchasing assistance please place a ticket through the Technical Support Group ticket system.


All electrical equipment will have CSA certification at time of purchase. In the event equipment arrives that does not meet the standard, the items will not be energized until a field service representative can approve the device.The cost of the field inspection will be charged to the person who placed the order.


Equivalent certifications to the CSA standards are maintained by Technical Safety BC and can be found here. The School of Engineering has provided an Electrical Safety Certification SOP. The School refers to this document to ensure it is compliant with BC laws.